Voltiq BBQ – Electric Connections

If you are having a Grillo Voltiq Electric BBQ installed, watch this video to see how the electrics are installed.


The Grillo Voltiq BBQ is powered by Electric and simply runs off a standard 13amp plug here.

The Grillo install team will fit the kitchen units, however, they are not qualified to run electricity from your property to the kitchen. Therefore, you will need to arrange an electrician, and you’re welcome to show him the video which I hope will answer any questions.

The power lead is 4.5 metres long and needs to be plugged into a proper outdoor rated double socket.

The easiest way is to run the lead out through the underside of the BBQ and out the back of the cabinet through the section which is designed to be cut out for any services to run.

If the plugs that come on your BBQ aren’t compatible with your region, then the electrician can just simply change the plugs to your local type for your country.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us.

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