Chef's Anvil Short, with Anvil Toolkit

Chef's Anvil Short, with Anvil Toolkit

£1950 BUY

Chef’s Anvil Short, with Anvil Toolkit

£1,950.00 (inc VAT)

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Following on from the success of the original Chef’s Anvil, we created a smaller version, which is perfect for cozy seating areas, and works exceptionally well with the Vantage Bench.

The Anvil is immensely versatile, with its large cooking surface and high potential heat output making it equally suited to entertaining a few friends or catering for a crowd.

It can also double as a fire pit, and pairs perfectly with the Vantage Bench to create a stunning socialising area. It is the ideal centrepiece for sitting back, relaxing and chatting for hours with friends and family.

A cover and a range of Chef’s Anvil Accessories including scrapers and a churrasco skewer are supplied with it.

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