Outdoor Kitchen Short Square

£495.00 (inc VAT)

+ Install. Find out more

A versatile module. At a lower level than the rest of the Vantage range, measuring at 510mm in height. The Vantage Short Square can be used as an extension of your worktop space, a feature pedestal or the perfect partner to the Vantage Bench. Please note, our Gusto Charcoal BBQ already comes complete with our Vantage Short Square. Size: 605mm x 605mm x 510mm.

Important: If you are planning to place any non-Grillo supplied BBQ on the Vantage Short Square, please be aware that it must not be placed directly onto the surface of the base and that you are solely responsible for the suitability. Read more: Advice regarding non-Grillo barbecues.

Will my non-Grillo Kamado fit? If you are wondering whether your own ceramic BBQ such as a Green Egg or Kamado Joe will fit, please see more information here.

Vantage Outdoor Kitchens are made up of configurable, interchangeable, 1200mm x 610mm cabinets. Square corner modules allow you to configure your kitchen to your space.

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