The Grillo’d Series is here! Set in the Grillo outdoor kitchen, dedicated to food, fire and outdoor theatre. Get ready to watch us cook up a storm with exciting guests, and bring the spirit of Grillo straight to your kitchen.


BBQ Recipe - Pork Shoulder - Mike Malloy

BBQ Recipe - Fired Fillet Flag Salad - Marco Biasetti

BBQ Recipe - Paella - Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Leftover Ricecakes - Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Burnt Lemonade - Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Naughty Pizza - Marco Biasetti

BBQ Recipe - Broccoli Stalk Burgers - Tristan Welch

BBQ Recipe - Chimichurri - Marco Biasetti

BBQ Recipe - Wonky SAlsa - Tristan Welch


Follow Grillo on this banger series, where we explore outdoor living with garden designers, chefs, bartenders, butchers, bakers and magic-makers. Our passion has always been to bring people together around food and flames: we’ll be taking inspiration from cuisines & good company, exploring counties & culinary careers, and we’ll even be touring in a certain agricultural vehicle. Stay tuned!

Coming soon for Grillo'd Series. Outdoor Kitchen Cooking with Grillo.