Pre-Designed Vantage Layouts

Vantage kitchens are made up of configurable, interchangeable modules. See a selection of popular pre-designed layouts below. Each one can be configured differently to suit your space – simply add them to the Grillo Configurator and continue playing!

Layout S0650


Layout L.870


Layout L0610


Layout L0620


Layout S0610


Layout S0640


Layout L0660


Layout L0680


Layout S0570


Layout U1030


Layout I.250


Layout S.790


Layout S0580


Layout L.880


Layout L0630


Layout L0640


Layout L0840


Layout L0650


Layout L0690


Layout S.710


Layout S0660


Layout U1020


Layout S.730


Layout S0560


Layout L0830


Layout S0590


Layout L0700


Layout S.680


Layout I0210


Layout S.770


Layout U1000


Layout I0230


Layout S0600


Layout L0670


Layout SL810


Layout U1100


Online Configurator

Design your kitchen now!

Check out our brand new configurator that allows you to design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!


**We apologise for the increasing lead times, this is due to shortages of raw materials coupled with demand in the run-up to Spring.**

Please see our live install calendar below for current availability.


Due to the volatility in production costs and raw material price increases, the current pricing is guaranteed for all orders placed before 31st January 2022.



We’ve raised the Bar! Perfect for hosting family and friends, your Grillo Vantage Garden Bar will become the hub of every party.