Does an outdoor kitchen add value to my house?

When spending money on big-ticket items – be it a new car, home renovations, or holidays abroad – we always want to know we’re getting value for money. Mostly we don’t expect to get money back: Cars depreciate, and holidays are “intangible and perishable”. But spending on home improvements is different.

Play your cards right and your dream-home amenity could not only get you money back, but become an investment that increases the value of your property. Outdoor kitchens are no exception, adding real value and desirability when you come to sell. Here are some points to consider when wondering: Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my home?

Some Stats

The headline figures mentioned in most articles are from a survey conducted by Post Office Money (2020) which concluded that garden landscaping could increase your property value by a staggering 77%.

Many articles also cite a figure of 20% increase for a property with a “well-kept garden”, which refers back to an article from 2015.

Obviously, there is more to it than just a few survey results though… read on:

Do outdoor kitchens add value to houses?

Estate Agents Love Outdoor Kitchens

At the end of the day, “adding value” to your property is only a relevant conversation when you come to sell the property. And that’s where estate agents love outdoor kitchens.

They are always looking for ways to differentiate a property from the myriad others on the market, and outdoor kitchens are a key differentiator. Many potential buyers will not have a clear idea of what they want from a garden.

Having an outdoor kitchen in place enables buyers to imagine how that space will be used, and demonstrating that the garden is a usable and functional extension of the living space adds real value. Check out these two stunning outdoor kitchens we spotted on the UK property market!

Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my house?

Developers Love Outdoor Kitchens

Many developers are now adding outdoor kitchens to their developments as standard, for obvious reasons. Delays in selling eat into profit, so developers are keen to build in points of difference to grab buyers’ attention.

Everyone has seen a typical new build house; the inside is beautifully completed, but the garden is a plain rectangle of turf with a garden path along one edge and a slatted fence on 3 sides.

It takes a lot of imagination to see this being an enjoyable and relaxing space, and an outdoor kitchen can transform that in an instant.

Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my home?

Rental Properties Love Outdoor Kitchens

We’re seeing more Airbnb-style rental homes with outdoor kitchens, for example, this incredible property in Australia. Great Airbnb renters go above and beyond when creating a personal and memorable experience for their guests.

An outdoor kitchen with a variety of barbeques is a perfect fit for this type of property. No need to tell your guests which shed to find the charcoal in – a fully-contained outdoor kitchen with ample storage space, a choice of barbeques to cater for all tastes, and a working fridge and tap covers every possible eventuality. A seamless experience for renters and rentees alike.

Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my rental property?

The Garden Boom

It would have alarmed people in the mid-2010s if you’d informed them that every property value article in the 2020s would have to reference ‘The Pandemic’. But here we are… The ripples continue to settle, but the infamous pandemic transformed the way we think about gardens.

By some estimates, properties with gardens in central London saw price increases of up to 250%. That boom was inevitably short-lived, but its consequences reverberate today.

A whole section of society, if not an entire generation, discovered the value of garden ownership in a way no one could have predicted. The Garden Boom will affect people’s perception of property value for a long time to come.

Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my house?

The Garden Room

Much has been written, and will continue to be written, about garden rooms. Whether they’re here to stay or are just a passing phase is not a debate within the remit of this article.

The pertinence of garden rooms is their existence and popularity: People are willing to spend tens if not hundreds of thousands building an extension of the living space in their gardens.

The precise functions afforded by that space vary significantly, but the truth remains. People want their indoor comforts outdoors; offices, gyms, changing rooms, bedrooms, bars, and of course, outdoor kitchens.

Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my house?

Outdoor Kitchens Add Footprint

Perceived size and spaciousness are key selling points for any property. That’s one of the reasons it’s recommended you give your house a good clear-out before selling – move out all unnecessary furniture and clutter and give the place a lick of white paint.

The same principle applies to the garden, but you need to go about it in a different way. If the garden can be seen to be an extension of the living space, it will make the property feel more spacious.

There are many ways of achieving this; the ever-popular bifolds, matching floor level and tile indoor and out, and of course outdoor lifestyle necessities: Hot tub, TV, outdoor kitchen, home office, etc. Go big, or go home.

Do outdoor kitchens add value to my house?

Does An Outdoor Kitchen Add Value to My Life?

Mostly we buy houses firstly to live in, secondly as an investment. Our primary consideration is: Do I like it? As with property, so with kitchens: An outdoor kitchen is something you live with. It will create and define your experiences in your garden, and by extension your memories. It’s a lifestyle choice.

In the words of Aussie-born UK-based garden designer Tim Horner, “The ability to come home on a Wednesday night and throw a steak on – that’s what people want to do.”

And similarly, in the words of Grillo’s co-founder Dougal Donald, “Our vision when we started Grillo was to give people the ability to create memorable experiences. An outdoor kitchen is all about the social side of entertaining, being outside, bringing friends and families together around food and flames.” That’s us. Is it you?

Why an outdoor kitchen

Judge for Yourself

Will an outdoor kitchen add value to your home and make it more saleable? Sure. Will it add value to your life between now and when you come to sell? Without a doubt!  So is an outdoor kitchen right for you? You’re the best judge, but if you’re still on the fence, feel free to check our projects page, featuring a vast range of outdoor kitchen projects in a huge variety of garden styles across the UK and beyond.

Is there any way on earth that these properties haven’t been elevated, enhanced, and transformed by the addition of an outdoor kitchen?

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