CAD Layouts

All of our outdoor kitchen CAD blocks are available in Sketchup & DWG format. There is also the option to download a PDF datasheet that gives you all the relevant information such as pricing, dimensions etc for a particular layout. 

Layout S0650

Layout L.870

Layout S0610

Layout L0610

Layout L0620

Layout S0640

Layout L0680

Layout I.250

Layout S.790

Layout L0660

Layout S0570

Layout U1030

Layout S0580

Layout L.880

Layout L0630

Layout L0640

Layout L0840

Layout L0650

Layout L0690

Layout S.710

Layout S0660

Layout U1020

Layout S.730

Layout S0560

Layout L0830

Layout S0590

Layout L0700

Layout S.680

Layout I0210

Layout U1000

Layout I0230

Layout S0600

Layout L0670

Layout U1100

Layout SL810