Kelvedon, Essex

Outdoor kitchen in Kelvedon, Essex

Taking inspiration from the world around him, Samuel Moore, director of award-winning landscape gardening company – Consilium Hortus – has created this idyllic outdoor space in Kelvedon, Essex.

This contemporary garden landscape featuring a bespoke garden room, a dedicated hot tub space, a louvered pergola and a Grillo Outdoor Kitchen, has been curated with a young family in mind. The stylish dining furniture sits on a composite decked area which protrudes over the river. This design is the perfect spot for wining and dining on the theatrical water’s edge.

Interview with Samuel Moore, Garden Designer

Now that the project has been completed, we have had the opportunity to sit with Samuel to discuss, not only this particular project, but also his past experiences which have led him to land a position on the Pro landscaper ’30 under 30’ lists, be shortlisted for the RHS young designer of the year award and own a company shortlisted by Pro Landscaper for their prestigious Garden Design Company award.

Q. Can you pinpoint a time in your life when your passion for landscape gardening was born?
I have enjoyed gardening for my whole life, as long as I can remember. As a child, I used to spend a lot of time in the garden and was keen to help my parents where I could. I suppose I have always had a fascination with gardening. This led me to studying a degree in Landscape and Garden Design at Writtle University. I have always had the passion, but this provided me with the skills which have enabled me to work in the industry.

Q. How long have you been running Consilium Hortus?
It’s been 3 years since its incorporation and along the way we have collected numerous recommendations and awards to showcase what we can deliver.

Q. What was your inspiration for this project?
This project was heavily driven by the client. They wanted to create two distinct spaces which added use to the property but were in line with the heritage of the site. Although I did provide some recommendations, the client provided me with a specific brief which I used to develop the design. I like to help my clients in a collaborative way – using their brief and implementing my creative vision to their gardens.

Q. Were there any challenges that you faced during the project?
There was one challenge which did hold up the project a little. As you are aware, the decking slightly overhung the river. This meant that, as a result, we had to contact the environment agency to ensure that the project was compliant with their regulations. Unfortunately, this was quite a complicated procedure and it was difficult to get signed off in time to complete the project around the clients wishes.

Q. Did you recommend Grillo?
Yes, we did! Clearly, a Grillo outdoor kitchen was the perfect match for this project. The kitchen materials are in keeping with those used throughout the landscape. The carbon steel creates an industrial feel which mirrors the charcoal pergola, lounger and table hardware. Furthermore, the solid iroko hardwood not only aligns with the wooden dining furniture and the hot tub, but also aligns the arboreal project with its landscape.

Q. Is the final result as you had planned?
I am really pleased with the final result! My clients are thrilled!


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