Grillo donates Outdoor Kitchen featured in DIY SOS

Grillo has donated an outdoor kitchen to Butterfly Effect Wellbeing in Harlow,  featured on BBC’s DIY SOS Christmas Special, airing in December 2023.

Butterfly Effect Wellbeing, based at The Latton Bush Center in Harlow (pictured below), is a beacon of hope and support for struggling community members. The organisation is dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of local individuals that are facing life’s challenges.

Butterfly Effect Wellbeing‘s mission to improve mental wellbeing and create community aligns with Grillo’s mission; bringing people together around food and flames. We hope that Grillo’s donation will bring fun and laughter to the gardens of the Latton Bush Center, providing a space for culinary creativity and fun workshops!


Grillo Outdoor Kitchen donated to Butterfly Effects Wellbeing, featured on DIY SOS in December 2023 Christmas SpecialCast members of DIY SOS: The Big Build, will take part in a new Eastenders Christmas special in Harlow for Butterfly Effect Wellbeing.

Grillo’s Outdoor Kitchen donation to Butterfly Effect Wellbeing is a testament to the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and it’s commitment to giving back to the community. The outdoor kitchen was installed on the 30th of October, 2023, and revealed to the founders and local community surrounding the Butterfly Effects Wellbeing group on 31st October at the DIY SOS Trade Event.


Outdoor Kitchen featured on DIY SOS in December 2023 Christmas Special

In the BBC episode, Angie saw the outdoor kitchen and stated “It’s amazing times 10 million” during her heartfelt tour of the newly refurbished center.
The contribution from Grillo, amongst so many other contributions and trade volunteers, will allow Butterfly Effect Wellbeing to expand their services and offer a welcoming environment where individuals can learn new skills, cook together, and build a sense of community around the center and around the BBQ!

One BBC Producer exclaimed, “Your extremely generous donation of the outdoor kitchen was massively appreciated and looks amazing in the newly finished garden.”

Dougal Donald, Managing Director of Grillo, expressed, “We are excited to see the positive impact this donation will have on the lives of the people using Butterfly Effect Wellbeing support groups.”
people using Butterfly Effects Wellbeing support groups.

Co-founder of Butterfly Effects Wellbeing in Harlow, Angela Hannibal. Featured on DIY SOS in December 2023.

“Butterfly Effect Wellbeing was founded in 2019, by myself and my mum, Chris. Mum had suffered for many years from mental ill health and found it hard to interact with people, so we come up with the idea of offering a safe space. Unfortunately mum took her own life and passed on 13.03.2020. We set this up in her memory. Butterfly Effect Wellbeing helps to support your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing on a holistic level in a friendly environment.”, Angela Hannibal.

The Grillo outdoor kitchen featured in the December episode of DIY SOS, alongside cast members from Eastenders.

“I can just see it being a hive of excitement, friendship, love and community.” said Angela Hannibal, one of the Directors at Butterfly Effect Wellbeing. Grillo Outdoor Kitchen has been donated to Butterfly Effect Wellbeing, Harlow, featuring on DIY SOS in December 2023.

The episode will air on BBC One December 18 at 8pm and again on Christmas Eve at 3.20pm. Another re-run of the show will be on BBC Two on January 3 at 2.45am.

We can’t wait for you to see the big reveal, so tune in to see it! We believe this project will be life-changing for both Angela and Dawn, the Directors, as well as all the members of community that use the organisation for support of their mental health

We loved seeing their reaction and the finished Latton Bush center in Harlow. Over to you DIY SOS team!

Wishing you luck!