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Do you need to do any preparations?

Before you confirm your Vantage outdoor kitchen order, it’s worth double-checking that you have a plan in place for any utilities/services that might be needed to be put in place. This is best arranged before the kitchen is installed, so please see the details below to ensure you are well prepared.

The kitchens are freestanding, so if your kitchen does not include a fridge, sink of mains gas BBQ, you can simply ignore this step!

Please note, our installers are not qualified to do the final connections; these will need to be arranged by your own tradesmen.

Water (Sink)

Find out how to prepare your water supply and water waste for your sink.

E-showroom kitchen sink

Electricity (Fridge)

This will help you to prepare your electricity supply for your drinks fridge module.

Outdoor kitchen and Drinks fridge in garden

Natural Gas BBQ

If you are having mains gas plumbed into your BBQ, Watch the video guide to find out how to prepare.

Angus BBQ Electrics

Watch the guide video to understand what is required when preparing electrics for your Angus BBQ rotisserie and lights.

Grillo Voltiq Electric BBQ

If you are having a Grillo Voltiq Electric BBQ installed, you will obviously need an electricity source close to hand, watch this video guide to see how to prepare.

Outdoor kitchen picture voltiq BBQ

Where to put your BBQ?

BBQs put out a lot of heat, especially the Bull BBQs. Its important for your BBQ to be in a safe location, see this guide to find out where the optimal location for your BBQ is.

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