Everything you need to know before buying an outdoor kitchen.

At Grillo, our goal is to ensure people are as well-educated about outdoor kitchens as possible, so we’ve pulled together this outdoor kitchen buying guide for you! We understand that this is likely to be the first outdoor kitchen you’ve ever purchased… that’s really exciting, but it probably means you have quite a few questions going through your mind about all the different aspects. We fully understand that an outdoor kitchen is a considered purchase, so you will want to ensure you are making an informed decision.

Therefore, in this buying guide, you’ll find a carefully-selected collection of all our most helpful outdoor kitchen articles and blog posts. These are laid out in a logical order, so the further you are through your outdoor kitchen buying ‘journey’, the further you’ll need to scroll down the page! Each link opens in a new tab so that you can easily return to this page at any time.

Here are some quick links to the main sections we’ll be covering in our outdoor kitchen buying guide:

Consideration        Planning        Preparation      Grillo product info      Ordering      Getting started

The consideration stage:

1.     Benefits of an outdoor kitchen     A fireside chat with garden designer Tim Horner

2.     Will an outdoor kitchen add value to my house?     (coming soon!)

3.     Latest Outdoor Living Trends     Rebecca Livermore researches the latest outdoor living trends

The planning stage:

4.     11 Best Outdoor Kitchens     A comparison of the top 11 outdoors kitchens available in the UK

5.     How much does an Outdoor Kitchen actually cost?     (coming soon!)

6.     14 Must-have Outdoor Kitchen Features     Make sure you don’t miss anything!

7.     What BBQs Should I Include In My Outdoor Kitchen?     A BBQ deep-dive with Matthew Hoggard

8.     Kamado BBQ Comparison     Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo, or Grillo Gusto? Guide with costs

9.     The Top 7 Outdoor Kitchens Of 2022     A dose of inspiration: Our favourite projects from 2022

10.     Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas     Got a small space? Don’t let that hold you back!

11.     Best Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens     Pizza lover’s outdoor kitchen inspiration

12.     Outdoor kitchen materials     A guide on the best materials for outdoor kitchens

13.     Does my BBQ area need a roof over the top?     Pergola, sunshade, or nothing? A guide with typical costs

14.     Does my outdoor kitchen need a custom fitted cover?     (coming soon!)

15.     The Grillo Configurator     Dream and design in 3D!

16.     Book a virtual design consultation     Book a FOC chat with Grillo’s friendly design team

The preparation stage:

17.     Do I need a site visit?     (coming soon!)

18.     Preparing A Patio For Your Kitchen    recommendations for ensuring your patio / deck is ready!

19.     BBQ-Safe Locations     Some tips on keeping things safe

20.     Do I Need To Fix My Kitchen Down?     Advice for freestanding outdoor kitchens

21.     Connecting services / utilities     Simple guides on how to prepare for water, electrics and gas

Must-read pages about Grillo outdoor kitchens:

22.     Grillo Vantage Overview     Walkaround videos and Grillo BBQ overview

23.     Grillo Materials   A must-watch video about our testing processes, and the ‘why’ behind our material choices

24.     Grillo 3 Year Warranty     A must-watch video about the Grillo warranty

25.     Projects / Case Studies     A wide selection of projects for you to browse for inspiration

26.     Vantage Layouts & Pricing     Example Grillo kitchen layouts with pricing

27.     The Grillo Configurator     Dream and design in 3D!

Ordering your Grillo kitchen:

28.     The Grillo Configurator     Dream and design in 3D!

29.     How To Order Your Grillo Kitchen     Layla and Keagan talk you through the process

30.     Grillo lead-times     A quick link to the Grillo LIVE install availability calendar

Getting started!

31.     Recipe Videos     A selection of recipe ideas and videos to get your creative juices flowing

32.     How-To Videos     Tips, tricks and techniques with professional chefs

33.     Getting Started with Your Bull Gas BBQ     Best practice and troubleshooting

34.     Gusto Temperature Control     A guide on how to control the temperature on your Gusto BBQ

35.     Caring for your Grillo Kitchen     A simple guide to ensure your new kitchen stays in tip top condition!

36.     Iroko Timber Care     Pros and Cons of treating your Iroko timber

37.     Can I Move My Grillo Kitchen?  Moving house? A must-read

38.     Grillo Cupboards – Storage Tips  Keeping things tidy

39.     Which gas bottle do I need?  Product recommendations and links


If you have unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team, who will be delighted to chat at any time. Alternatively you could book a virtual design consultation, and one of our non-pushy design team will be in touch to chat about your requirements.

All the best with your outdoor kitchen research!