Grillo Features on Ainsley's National Trust Cook Off

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Ainsley Harriott and an ensemble of chefs serve up sizzling summer feasts in a Grillo kitchen, celebrating the joy of outdoor cooking using ingredients freshly-picked from the exquisite kitchen gardens of the National Trust. We were delighted to provide the outdoor kitchen for this unmissable ITV culinary spectacular.

Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off airs Saturday 18th May at 11:40, then weekly on ITV1 & ITVX. Watch the trailer for a soupçon of the fun to come!


“We brought along the equipment – all the beautiful barbecue grills, outdoor pizza ovens and so on – and it was wonderful, because it just brought the kitchen into the gardens. I enjoyed the space and I enjoyed the quality of the produce that I was cooking with. To be able to pick it out of the ground 50 yards away from where you’re actually cooking … Well, it just makes you feel good.”


Grillo Outdoor Kitchen stars in Ainsley's new show

We were thrilled to provide a Grillo outdoor kitchen for the Cook Off, and to arrange the logistics of relocating it to each of the stunning National Trust locations. Featured in the kitchen are a Gusto charcoal BBQ, a Bull gas BBQ and the Delivita Pizza Oven. We’ve loved transforming these impressive kitchen gardens into an alfresco arcadia for Ainsley Harriott and other chefs to enjoy.

An extensive team of chefs participate in the cook off, which showcases the flavors of summer and the allure of the English country garden.

The show places Ainsley Harriott in the role of judge for the chefs, who to show off their gastronomic creations within the confines of each estate and the outdoor kitchen. Guided by the ambience of the National Trust gardens scattered across the nation, you can watch these chefs craft culinary masterpieces, employing ingredients sourced from the grounds of the properties and encapsulating the essence of summer’s flavours.

The chefs joining Ainsley Harriott in the programme include the likes of Gaz Oakley (Avant Garde Vegan), Dr Rupy Aujla (Doctor’s Kitchen), Georgina Hayden (Author of NISTISIMA), Phili Armitage-Mattin, Tristan Welch (Rubbish Cooks) and many more!

The National Trust

The Cook Off is set at some of Britain’s most impressive National Trust properties; Wimpole Hall, Blickling Hall and Tyntesfield. These properties have large, walled kitchen gardens that would have been used to provide food all year-round. The work of the National Trust has ensured these gardens are still in use today, and they make incredible set for Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off.

Volunteers and gardeners from the National Trust also participate in the judging process, lending their insights and expertise. Check out the National Trust’s behind-the-scenes video here.

“I love a new challenge and Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off is just that – a fun cooking competition featuring some of the country’s top chefs, all set in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of amazing National Trust estates”


“Ainsley is a national treasure and joining him and his top chef friends in some of Britain’s most inspiring gardens will be a treat for our food-lovers who will discover loads of new ways to cook seasonally and locally grown ingredients.”
Lara Akeju, Commissioning Editor for ITV Entertainment

Ainsley serves up a slice of sunshine on the show in one of our Vantage outdoor kitchens.

The Grillo Gusto in use at one of the National Trust properties.

Members of the public were free to watch the proceedings in the kitchen gardens.

Series Breakdown

Episode one

In the first episode of the series, Ainsley visits Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire. He’s joined by Poppy O’Toole, who’s known for her viral potato recipe videos on TikTok, and Sam Grainger, chef patron at Belzan in Liverpool and former contestant on the BBC’s Great British Menu. The chefs source fresh ingredients from the garden to create their bespoke dishes, including cavalo nero kale, Charlotte potatoes and yellow courgettes.

Episode three

In episode three, Ainsley is joined by celebrity chef and presenter Briony May Williams, who competed in the Great British Bake Off, and Gaz Oakley, cookbook author and YouTube chef, formerly known as ‘the Avant-Garde Vegan’. This time, the chefs set up their kitchen at Tyntesfield in Somerset. Ainsley uses fresh chives to make potato and chive scones with eggs, bacon and blistered tomatoes, while Briony cooks on a wood-fired oven and Gaz explains the health benefits of using garden-fresh vegetables.

Episode five

In episode five, Ainsley heads back to Blickling Estate and is accompanied by Freddy Forster, who appeared on Channel 4’s Beat the Chef, and Lerato Umah-Shaylor, food writer and presenter. Ainsley picks cucumbers from the greenhouse to make ‘bash-bang’ chicken and cucumber noodle salad. Freddy demonstrates his skills in French cuisine, while Lerato highlights her expertise in traditional African cooking.

Episode seven

Ainsley returns to Wimpole, this time with 2018 Great British Bake Off finalist, Ruby Bhogal and Michelin-starred French chef, Daniel Galmiche. Ainsley digs up Charlotte potatoes from the Walled Garden to make flatbread pizza with Charlotte potato, rosemary and chilli rings. Ruby celebrates her Indian heritage using one of her mother’s recipes, while Daniel showcases his French influences.

Episode nine

Ainsley goes back to Blickling Estate with Ben Ebbrell, co-founder of Sorted Food, and Cyrus Todiwala, Indian celebrity chef and owner of Café Spice Namasté. Ainsley uses stripey tomatoes from the greenhouse for his pan-fried mackerel, while Ben creates a Latin-American-inspired dish and Cyrus pays homage to his Indian roots.

Episode two

Ainsley heads to Blickling Estate in Norfolk with Joseph Denison Carey, co-founder of The Bread and Butter Supper Club and guest chef on ITV’s This Morning, and Georgina Hayden, cook, food writer and stylist. Ainsley uses fresh broad beans to create a Cromer crab and broad bean guacamole tostada, while Georgina uses yellow French beans to create a Cypriot dish and Joseph pays homage to his Italian culinary training.

Episode four

Ainsley visits Wimpole Estate with chef, restaurateur and BBC Great British Menu winner Tristan Welch, and Asian-inspired chef and author, Philli Armitage-Mattin, who was a finalist on BBC MasterChef. Ainsley picks fresh beetroot and makes beetroot and carrot patties with a vegan horseradish yoghurt. Meanwhile, Tristan shares his passion for zero-waste cooking and Philli creates a Japanese-inspired summer vegetable pancake.

Episode six

Back at Tyntesfield, Ainsley is joined by Yvonne Cobb, deaf celebrity chef and founder of Yumma Food, and Dr Rupy Aujla, GP and creator of The Doctor’s Kitchen. Ainsley creates brioche French toast with chargrilled greengages and cinnamon crème fraiche, while Yvonne experiments with strong flavours and Dr Rupy emphasises the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

Episode eight

In episode eight, Ainsley visits Tyntesfield accompanied by self-taught cook and author, Genevieve Taylor and Irish chef, Nico Reynolds. Ainsley chooses patty pan squash from the garden to add to his chargrilled summer squash recipe. Genevieve shows off her skills with the wood-fired and pizza ovens to make a pizza Bianca, and Nico gets creative with Tyntesfield’s home-grown onions.

Episode ten

Ainsley visits Tyntesfield one final time with Serena Appleby, who’s well-known for her appearance on BBC Three’s Hungry For It, and Judy Joo, chef, author and restaurateur. Ainsley picks rare Ashmead Kernel apples for his maple-griddled apple, fennel and prosciutto salad. Serena uses her street-food style cooking to create a summer garden frittata, and Judy makes a salad dish inspired by her Korean heritage.

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Ainsley's National Trust Cook Off will feature a Grillo Outdoor Kitchen

The Grillo team are eagerly anticipating the release of Ainsley’s National Trust Cook Off, so that everyone watching can share the joy of outdoor cooking!

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