The workplace is changing. How are you retaining your top talent?

Looking for ideas for your next workspace design project?

Making wellbeing part of your business strategy does not only benefit employees, it also increases productivity, and builds a stronger company culture.

More and more companies are building coworking spaces into their premises. A Grillo outdoor kitchen brings people together around food and flames – what unique idea will you add to your next workplace design project?

Outdoor Kitchens for Corporate offices

Working lunch?

Pizza’s easy.

When given space to relax and recharge, employees play their A-game. How do you keep your employees at the peak of their creativity and satisfaction?

It’s not a scientific study, but we’ve found pizza is a good place to start. With each pizza taking 90 seconds in the Delivita pizza oven, and fresh dough being available from the supermarket, it couldn’t be much easier to produce authentic Neapolitan-style pizza.

Outdoor Kitchens for Corporate offices

Havwoods Global case study

The chance to rethink your workplace doesn’t come along very often. When it does, how will you make the most of the opportunity? Find out how we helped Havwoods to create an amazing space that will give their team and customers unforgettable experiences!

Outdoor Kitchens for Corporate offices

Download 50+ CAD Layouts

See a wide range of example outdoor kitchen layouts & pricing, with downloadable CAD files in SketchUp and DWG formats, along with PDF datasheets.

CAD Layouts


3D Online Configurator

Design your kitchen now!

Check out the Grillo configurator, where you can design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!

See your kitchen in 3D, and in photo-realistic detail, then use AR on your smartphone to view it in your space.

Food & Flames: The Grillo Life