NG BBQ – gas connections

If you are having mains gas plumbed into your BBQ, Watch the below video to find out how to prepare.


If you’re planning to use Natural Gas for your BBQ, aka plumbed in gas supply, we often get asked questions about how to arrange the connection.

The 3 overall steps:

Step 1: Arrange a qualified gas engineer to get the gas feed into position. More information to follow

Step 2: Your Grillo kitchen is installed

Step 3: Your gas engineer needs to return to do the final pipe connections underneath this BBQ unit.

To take off this front panel, just need a standard flat head screwdriver. Once removed you will see a large cavity underneath where the gas pipe needs to be brought to.

As said in the first step, your gas engineer will need to bring the pipe to the correct location.

There are 2 ways to bring the pipe into the module.

1. Either up through the floor (see the video for the diagram that shows the area in red that you have to play with).

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2. Alternatively, you can bring the gas feed through the rear fascia panel. There is a handy little section that can be cut out for the services to run. In this scenario, see the diagram showing what you need to bring the pipe to the 600 centre point of this module.

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Once the pipe is in position, your kitchen gets installed, and your gas engineer needs to return to do the final connection.

Ensure the BBQ is lifted correctly (can be seen in the video)

We supply this gas pipe conversion kit and instruction sheet to show the gas engineer the steps to connect this pipe to the underside of the BBQ.

In terms of size, we have this ½” BSP female on the gas valve so it is best if your engineer can provide a ½” supply to make the connection simple.

Once connected to the underside of BBQ – lift Grill back in place – careful not to scratch SS top. Liftover lip at the back.

Connect the pipe to the Gas feed underneath.

Then fit panel back on.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us.

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