Fridge – electricity connections

Watch the below video to find out how to prepare your electricity supply for your fridge cabinet.


This is some information to help prepare for a fridge installation in your Grillo Vantage outdoor kitchen.

The overall process is:

Step 1 – You need to arrange for an electrician to bring the electrical feed to the right position within your garden or landscaping space.

Step 2 – Your Grillo kitchen gets installed

Step 3 – Your electrician needs to do the final connection of an outdoor rated socket within the kitchen unit for the fridge to plug into.

In terms of the positioning of the electric feed – it should ideally be in the centre of this cabinet which is 1200mm wide. If you’re bringing the cable up through the floor, you need to position 100mm in from the back of the kitchen as shown. If, however, the wire will come through the back of the kitchen, then there is a handy channel that is designed to be cut out for any services.

It’s important to use an outdoor IP rated socket for obvious reasons.

Please note: the length of the fridge power cable is 5 metres, so ensure that your outdoor plug is well within that length.

To recap on the overall process:

  1. Get electricity feed into position
  2. The kitchen is installed
  3. Your electrician does the final connection of the outdoor socket.

If you have any of these scenarios, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  1. If it is going up against a wall
  2. If you want services underground
  3. If there is access round back of cabinets

If you have any further questions, please email or call us.

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