Slow Bone in Brisket

Melt in the Mouth Brisket

Melt in the Mouth Brisket
Matt Hoggard of Hoggy’s Grill School shows you how easy it is to cook bone-in brisket, while you get on with preparing for your guests.

‘The secret is indirect heat’

Ingredients: bone-in brisket, salt and pepper

Start a small fire inside the Gusto, add the heat deflectors, and then place the grill on top, so the heat is indirect. Open the vents at the top and the bottom. Wait until the temperature reaches 120ºC, then close the rosette on the top and close the lower vent to an inch.

In the meantime, trim the white fat off the brisket and pull off the membrane, this is to allow more flavour into the meat. Cover in salt and pepper. Once the Gusto is up to temperature, place the meat on the grill, and leave for 5 hours to cook. The meat will melt in the mouth.

The wait will be worth it.

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