Pizza Gagliardi

This one is the ‘cool’ one!!

Enjoy this one with a fresh side salad, and a chilled glass of bubbly, as you watch the sunset. This one is the perfect go-to when you’re looking for some fantastic pizza inspiration, some pizza-ration if you will…

Ingredients – Pizza dough, tomato puree, mozzarella, Piccolino Cheese, black olives, pancetta & salami.

Method – Shape the dough to form your pizza base. Add the tomato puree to make sure it’s not too much; top with the mozzarella, black olives, pancetta, salami and some grating of Piccolino (or parmesan). Slide on to your pizza peel and into the oven, turning it while it cooks to ensure an even cook. Chop and serve. If you can’t bear to share. Make a couple for all your guests to enjoy.

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