Leftover Ricecakes

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Got leftovers? Pretty much any Rice dish can be made into a Ricecake – in this case, we’re using up leftovers from an incredible Paella. This is part of our Rubbish Cooks series, and cast your ordinary perceptions of leftovers aside… this Ricecake of champions will blow your mind. It’s almost worth having leftovers just to be able to experience this one!

Serves: 4          Difficulty: Medium          BBQ: Chefs Anvil          Time: 30 minutes

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Leftover Ricecakes Ingredients:

• Leftover Paella
• Fresh Herbs
• Sliced spring Onion
• Mozzarella, cut into cubes
• Plain Flour
• Eggs, beaten
• Breadcrumbs
• Vegetable Oil


STEP 1: Add leftover Paella to bowl, remove bones, and then stir the Chicken into the Rice.


STEP 2: Add in Mozzarella, spring Onions, Salt and Pepper and then mix.


STEP 3: Form the mixture into balls, then batter the balls. Repeat the battering process for the second coating.


STEP 4: Shape the Ricecakes and place on the grill/Chefs Anvil.


STEP 5: Add an assortment of chopped veg to the Chefs Anvil and season.


STEP 6: Ensure the Ricecakes are sufficiently oiled and turn them periodically.


STEP 7: Plate your Ricecakes and assorted veg, enjoy!

Recipe contributor: Tristan Welch – Cambridge, UK

Tristan Welch is an award winning chef, who has trained with Gary Rhodes, Michel Roux Jr and Gordon Ramsay to name but a few. He worked his way up the food chain at top restaurants in London and Paris, including Le Gavroche and L’Arpège, before spending three years working in the Caribbean.

Now returned to Cambridge, Tristan’s new series Rubbish Cooks has gained a massive following. Combining his super creative chef talents and passion for food waste, Rubbish Cooks is a movement that takes items that would normally be wasted, and makes a delicious meal out of it. Tristan goes in to your bins, and creates something delightful. Follow Grillo to keep in touch and be inspired by this incredible series!

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