Fired Fillet Flag Salad 🇮🇹

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Here’s our favourite fillet steak recipe! The tender and succulent nature of fillet steak makes it one of the most highly prized cuts of meat. But when cooked with real fire, it takes on a whole new level of flavour. Pair it with this Marco-Biasetti-Mozzarella-Salad topped with chimichurri, and you’ll turn it into the ultimate main course hero for any outdoor kitchen party. Just be careful not to overcook the fillet – you may not forgive yourself.

Serves: 4          Difficulty: Medium          BBQ: Pizza Oven          Time: 20 minutes

All the ideas, no gear?

Delivita Pizza oven can be used for a fillet steak recipe!

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Fired Fillet Flag Salad Ingredients:

• Fillet steak (500g)
• Olive Oil
• Salt & Pepper
• Watercress
• Wild rocket
• Spinach leaves
• Tomato
• Mozzarella
• Padrón Peppers for roasting
• Chimichurri (see recipe)

Recipe contributor: Marco Biasetti – Delivita, UK

A wood-fired pizza is something we tend to look on as an unattainable life skill, but Marco has got the lowdown on creating not just pizzas, but also calzones and a whole bunch of other Italian-inspired goodies that’ll make your taste buds do the happy dance.

Imagine the wood-fired oven as the ultimate rockstar in your outdoor kitchen. “The oven fits in with the kitchen; it’s not a BBQ, it’s not a kamado, but this is a piece of kit which complements the rest of the equipment you have.” Marco tells us. So, toss caution aside like confetti in a woodsmoke-scented breeze, grab that pizza peel, and bring a slice of Italy right to your doorstep with the Grillo series guided by the maestro himself, Marco Biasetti!

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