Easy As Egg & Chorizo

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Check out MasterChef finalist Charlie Jeffreys’ outdoor one-pot-wonder. Who would have thought putting Eggs and Chorizo together would turn out so good? The combination of spicy rich Chorizo, crusty sourdough wedges and an abundance of fresh tomatoes and peppers gives you a hearty dish for any time of day. Lazy Sunday Brunch anyone? Easy As.

Serves: 4          Difficulty: Medium          BBQ: Gusto BBQ          Time: 20 minutes

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Easy As Egg & Chorizo Ingredients:

• Sliced Chorizo
• Red bell Peppers
• Long red Peppers
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Beef Tomatoes
• Tinned chopped tomatoes
• Red onion
• Garlic clove
• Egg
• Sourdough bloomer
• Basil
• Thyme

Recipe contributor: Charlie Jeffreys

Charlie Jeffreys is a hugely talented up-and-coming young chef, who has been a key part of the chef team at the incredible 3 Michelin star restaurant Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Park Lane, London. Think you’ve seen him before? That was probably from when he was on MasterChef, The Professionals, 2022. 

Bringing fine-dining to the outdoors, Charlie demonstrates that incredible food doesn’t have to be something that is just prepared behind closed doors in a commercial restaurant kitchen. Embrace the perfect imperfections of cooking over real fire, and take your fine-dining outdoors!

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