Dig in the Ribs

Smoky Flavoured Ribs

Discover the amazing smoky flavours of ribs, with chipotle rub in the Gusto Grill. Matt Hoggard of Hoggy’s Grill School shares his hacks to make this a favourite starter.

‘Meat that melts in the mouth’

Ingredients: a set of ribs and some smoky chipotle rub.

Take the ribs, and remove the membrane off the back of the ribs with kitchen towel. This gives your meat a better flavour, and is easier to eat. Add some smoky chipotle BBQ rub to the ribs. Let them sit for 10 mins until the rub turns tacky. Place them on the Gusto grill at 120ºC, and let them smoke away. Leave them to cook for a few hours. Once they are cooked the meat should just fall off. Ideal to serve as a starter straight off the bone, or the meat can be pulled off and presented separately.

Finger licking good.

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