Chimi-Chicory Flatbread

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Chicory is an underused and underappreciated ingredient. But when topped on this classic wood-fired oven-baked flatbread, and paired with our very own chimichurri, a sprinkle of pecorino and a dash of olive oil (why not?), then you are on to a winner. This is a lovely starter, and the smell of it alone will get your guests’ taste buds tantalised. Watch the full video below to get your next outdoor kitchen party off to a great start!

Serves: 6          Difficulty: Easy          BBQ: Pizza Oven          Time: 10 minutes

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Chimi-Chicory Flatbread Ingredients:

• Flatbread Dough (typically flour, salt, butter, milk)
• Olive oil
• Shallots
• Salt
• Chimichurri (see recipe)
• Pecorino
• Chicory

Recipe contributor: Marco Biasetti – Delivita, UK

Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza is something we tend to look on as an unattainable life skill; something that is the preserve of the flamboyant, sideburned pizzaiolo with decades of experience. Not so, according to Delivita and their flamboyant, sideburned pizzaiolo, Marco Biasetti, as he demonstrates the easy way to prepare pizzas.

A pizza oven is the perfect fit for an outdoor kitchen: “The oven fits in with the kitchen; it’s not a BBQ, it’s not a kamado, but this is a piece of kit which complements the rest of the equipment you have.” So throw caution into the woodsmoke-scented wind and let your inner pizzaiolo take the peel. Bring a slice of Italy to your home by following the Grillo series!

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