Breakfast Flatbreads

Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Realistically, if you’re looking for something quick to eat before you dash to work, then these flatbreads probably aren’t for you. But if you’ve survived the working week and made it through to the weekend, and need a lazy breakfast/brunch/lunch situation to help you unwind, you’ve come to the right place.

(Sunday) Breakfast Flatbreads

Pre-folded flatbreads, or similar
Bacon or pancetta
Slices of avocado
Sliced or grated cheese
Relish (tomato & red pepper works well)
Butter or oil

1. Fry up. On a medium hot Anvil, fry up the bacon and avocado. Place the flatbreads inside down on the surface to start toasting.

2. Layer and fold. Spread the inside of the flatbreads with relish. To one side of the flatbread, layer bacon, cheese, then avocado. Putting the cheese between the avocado and bacon will help it melt. Fold over the other half of the flatbread and carefully compress

3. Crisp up. Place the loaded flatbreads back on the Anvil. A little butter or oil will help crisp and brown the outside of the flatbreads. Continue cooking, compressing and flipping occasionally until you can’t wait any longer. Eat.

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