Taking Pizza To Another Level

Did you know you can cook pizza in your Gusto Grill? Using the pizza stone, Matt Hoggard of Hoggy’s Grill School shares his favourite pizza recipe of bacon and banana pizza with a kick.

‘No such thing as too much bacon’

Ingredients: readymade pizza dough, BBQ sauce, ready-cooked bacon, red onion, banana, chilli and mozzarella cheese

Light the Gusto BBQ, place the pizza stone inside to start warming.

Flour the worktop and hands. Take the readymade pizza dough and place it on the surface. Push out from the centre, and turn the dough in your hands, stretching out the dough, to shape. Take the BBQ sauce and place it in the centre and spread out, but not quite to the edge. Then add ready cooked bacon, banana, red onion, scatter some fresh red chilli and finally the mozzarella cheese. Add some flour to the peel, and slide the pizza on, then transfer to the pizza stone in the Gusto oven. Wait for the pizza to cook in about 5 minutes, and remove with the peel. Cut and serve.

A flavour explosion.

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