Right Slatted Feature Wall

£245.00 (inc VAT)

+ Install. Find out more

Rarely needed, rarely seen – but Left and Right Slatted Feature Walls can be a lifesaver in a very particular situation.

Sometimes a kitchen layout will only work if the corner comprises two full size units butted up against each other, forming an L-shape. This is rare as it means the corner unit can only be an open-fronted cabinet (doors or fridge would be unopenable), with limited access to the corner.

However, if your kitchen requires this configuration and you want Feature Walls wrapping around the corner, you’ll be left with a 60cm gap… unless you use a Slatted Left or Right Feature Wall. Compatible with all the Hang It range of accessories, Slatted Left/Right is more than just a gap filler. Use the slats for hanging herb planters, holding the Hang It, Chop It magnetic knife block, or any of the other Hang It range.

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