Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Layout U1020

£16,495.00 (inc VAT)

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For those with a little more space, Layout U1020 is an extension of L0660 offering bar tables and stools on both sides of the U, allowing the barperson to be at the centre of the action.  The built-in fridge, drinks station, storage and tarn sink are everything you need to keep the drinks cool and the conversation flowing.

U1020 Features

  • Vantage Drinks Station
  • 4 x Vantage Bar Table & Stools with Habitat Rear Fascia
  • Vantage Bar Cabinet with Carbon Steel with Iroko Inlay, and Carbon Steel Doors
  • Vantage Bar Cabinet with Fridge & Bin and beer boss
  • Tarn Sink
  • Vantage Planter
  • 2 x Stainless Tool rails

Please note: Grillo Vantage is a fully installed package. Let our trained installers build your kitchen on site on a day of your choice – read more about the costs here.

This is a pre-designed outdoor kitchen that you can order online, or just use for inspiration. Want to configure your own? head to the Vantage online Configurator.

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