Layout S.730

£4,995.00 (inc VAT)

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The ultimate outdoor kitchen dream. This layout gives the host a choice of the pizza oven or the Gusto charcoal BBQ. The Delivita pizza oven is ready for action in 25 minutes and can cook a pizza in only 90 seconds. The Gusto Charcoal BBQ creates the ultimate BBQ experience with opportunities to smoke, sear and grill. The stylish Iroko wood and Carbon steel cabinet with shelves are designed to live outside all year round. The porcelain worktop is both heat proof and stain proof, a perfect accompaniment for pizza making.

Layout S.730 Features

  • Grillo Vantage Cabinet
  • Gusto Charcoal BBQ
  • Stainless Tool Rail
  • DeliVita Pizza Oven

Please note: Grillo Vantage is a fully installed package. Let our trained installers build your kitchen on site on a day of your choice – read more about the costs here.

This is a pre-designed outdoor kitchen that you can order online, or just use for inspiration. Want to configure your own? head to the Vantage online Configurator.

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