Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Layout S.680

£3,345.00 (inc VAT)

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Pairing the DeliVita wood-fired oven with a Grillo Vantage Cabinet results in an awesome looking pizza oven station, with enough storage space and worktop space for some serious pizza output. Perfect for families and foodies, Delivita has the best wood-fired oven on the market. The wood fire provides your food with that authentic smoky flavour and the atmosphere and conversations created around it are of the best kind.

The Delivita Pizza Oven kit comes complete with everything needed for cooking the perfect pizzas, including pizza peel, prodder and blower, dough cutter and weatherproof cover.

Layout S.680 Features

  • DeliVita Pizza Oven
  • DeliVita Pizza Oven Kit with Cover
  • Vantage Cabinet

Please note: Grillo Vantage is a fully installed package. Let our trained installers build your kitchen on site on a day of your choice – read more about the costs here.

This is a pre-designed outdoor kitchen that you can order online, or just use for inspiration. Want to configure your own? head to the Vantage online Configurator.

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