Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Layout L0690

Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Layout L0690:£11,090.00
UK Mainland Installation: (Find out more)£950.00
Total (inc. VAT):£12,040.00

£11,090.00 (inc VAT)

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Bring your guests closer with the stylish Iroko wood bench and side table in Layout L0690.  The contemporary black, high-gauge cabinetry with Iroko wood inlay and shelves together with the contrasting hard-wearing porcelain worktops create a stunning focal piece for your garden.  The Gas BBQ adds an awesome element to any social occasion.  With plenty of storage in the crates, you can have easy access to all you need.

L0690 Features

  • 2 x Cabinet with Ebony Storage Crates, and Iroko Shelf feature wall
  • 8 x Ebony Storage Crates
  • Vantage bench
  • Vantage Short Square
  • Gas BBQ Station, with Porcelain feature wall
  • Vantage Planter
  • Stainless tool rail

Please note: Grillo Vantage is a fully installed package. Let our trained installers build your kitchen on site on a day of your choice – read more about the costs here.

This is a pre-designed outdoor kitchen that you can order online, or just use for inspiration. Want to configure your own? head to the Vantage online Configurator.

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