Hang it, Hold it

£32.00 (inc VAT)

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Lemon storage. Thyme pot. Mint garden. Sauce selection. Flower wall. BBQ glove holder. Ice scoop holster. Pizza toppings array. Wine selection board. G&T alchemist’s larder. There are almost endless possibilities. It’s your Hold It, so you choose.

Arguably the most versatile accessory in the Hang It range, Hang It, Hold It can be used on any Slatted Feature Wall. Its 12 x 12 x 12cm dimensions make it a convenient size for herb pots, or give ample space for larger spirits bottles, multiple condiments bottle, lemons or whatever else takes your fancy.

The elegant design and beautiful tactile finish means Hang It, Hold It is just as at home inside as it is outside. So if the weather’s inclement, or you want your herbs to hand for cooking indoors, just move Hang It, Hold It to your kitchen windowsill. Or if storing sauces, put it in the fridge.

How many do you need? That’s like asking how many cushions a living room should have. Just the one might look a bit sparse. Twenty might look an overkill, unless you’re going for a living-wall effect with your herbs. You do you.

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