Hang it, Chop it

£125.00 (inc VAT)

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Every outdoor chef’s kitchen needs a good quality knife set. A good quality magnetic knife board that is compatible with the Slatted range of Feature Walls just completes the package.

Made in Brazil and razor sharp, the knife set comprises 3 knives and a carving fork. A large 12” chef’s knife – the workhorse of any chef’s knife set – is perfect for preparing raw vegetables or meat, or slicing steak alla tagliata for serving. A boning or filleting knife is not as common. With a narrow, flexible blade for removing the bone from a joint or filleting a fish, it has more uses than you might expect. Perfect for carving a whole BBQ chicken or neatly removing and presenting the meat on a T-bone steak. The carving knife and fork are more familiar: Whole roast gammon for a winter feast. Showstopper BBQ rib of beef. Giant pork shoulder crackling joint. This knife set has you covered.

The 22 x 23cm knife board features a powerful hidden magnet, securely holding the knives. It can be place on any Slatted Feature Wall.

We recommend keeping the knife board and knives inside when not in use, to ensure they are clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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