Outdoor Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

Enjoy your garden this summer!

Looking for design and layout ideas for an outdoor kitchen project, but don’t know where to start? From hundreds of outdoor kitchens and barbeque areas we have designed, we’ve compiled the best feedback from our in-house designers. Be inspired below! Make cooking al-fresco even more delightful with these amazing outdoor design ideas.

P.S. If you are a Landscape Architect/Garden Designer, click here for downloadable CAD files.

The Straight Run

Layout: Very simple and straight forward, this design typically features a gas BBQ, with some worktop space either side.

Size: Normally for smaller gardens and spaces.

Designer’s thoughts: “Having worktop space around a built-in BBQ is really a basic design principle, and makes cooking outdoors a lot more practical. Sometimes I feel a straight run can lack character, so I like to turn them into an L shape where possible!”

L-Shape Outdoor Kitchen

Layout: This design typically features a BBQ, with some worktop space either side, plus an L shape return on either end.

Size: Very versatile, normally room for additional appliances.

Designer’s thoughts: “A personal favourite, an L shape adds some lovely character to the overall design, and takes a straight run into something else. The ability to add in a bar seating return turns the area from a ‘bbq area’ into a full socialising zone, where friends and guests can get closer to the cooking experience.”

The Island Outdoor Kitchen

Layout: BBQ on one side, bar stools opposite.

Size: Small to medium.

Designer’s thoughts: “An incredibly versatile kitchen design, this is all about bringing guests closer to the food. If you are keen on entertaining your guests, socializing whilst cooking, look no further!”


U-Shape Outdoor Kitchen

Layout: For larger homes and gardens where space isn’t an issue. Great for incorporating bar seating, multiple BBQ’s with plenty of space for food prep and storage.

Size: Large

Designer’s thoughts: “The Ultimate in high-end outdoor kitchen design, the perfect way to make your garden be an outstanding statement piece.”


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