Grillo Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets


At Grillo, we offer some of the highest quality and best outdoor-rated kitchen cabinets sold in the UK. These cabinets go together to create full premium outdoor kitchen solutions. The cabinets are modular and completely freestanding, this means installation is quick and seamless and the only requirement is a level patio area to house the cabinets. Our outdoor kitchen cabinets come with a variety of built-in options such as feature walls, fascias, and doors. All of the cabinets are powder coated and are completely weatherproof meaning minimal upkeep is required to keep them looking good.

Grillo Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Vantage Cabinet


Gas BBQ Station


Vantage Fridge and Bin Cabinet


Vantage Bar Table & Stools


Design Choices

Each of the cabinets is a beautiful black Carbon steel metal design this means each component has a really luxurious look and feel. You can see below the three options for cabinet design.


A feature wall is a perfect way to personalize your cabinet and turn it into a stunning visual centrepiece for your garden.


Vantage cabinets even look stunning from the back. Choose between ‘Signature’ or ‘Habitat’ for a more contemporary feel.


A sleek and enclosed look to your kitchen? Carbon Steel doors come with subtle stainless steel handles and smooth gas hinges.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Layout L0610

£7,835 inc VAT

This layout includes a bar cabinet with a tool rail, The L shaped return is created by using one of our Corner Planters. The layout also boasts a Vantage cabinet with ebony crates for open storage. The main cooking area consists of our gas grill station that is fully equipped with a Bull Outlaw BBQ.

Despite the size of this layout, it has every element you need to have a great outdoor al fresco experience year-round.

Layout S0570

£9,075 inc VAT

The centrepiece of this layout is the sturdy Gas Grill Station equipped with Bull Outlaw BBQ (The only bbq you will ever need), This is accompanied by two Vantage Cabinets with enclosed storage on each side. Our sleek Tarn sink is included , perfect for washing meat before cooking.

Layout S0650

£8,815 inc VAT

The central cooking hub of this design consists of both a Bull BBQ and a Grillo Gusto. On either side of this is a Vantage Cabinet with enclosed storage in our Carbon Steel Doors and also a Fridge and Bin unit.

This layout is fantastic for a dual cooking experience with both the option for a traditional Gas Grill BBQing and also a Grillo Gusto ceramic cooking. This straight run packs a serious amount of ability.

Selecting your perfect kitchen.

We offer a full configurator where you can craft your perfect kitchen using the individual kitchen cabinet blocks here.

Alternatively, you can select from a range of popular pre-selected layouts


Online Configurator

Design your kitchen now!

Check out our brand new configurator that allows you to design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!