Grillo Outdoor Fridge

Outdoor Fridge Overview

Our Grillo fridge cabinet is comprised of an outdoor fridge packed with great features & a fantastic multipurpose bin, This is all housed within our sturdy carbon steel frame that is made especially for us in the UK. The worktop is a beautiful stain adverse porcelain slab. The beautifully designed Grillo fridge and bin cabinet is fully rated for outdoor use

Grillo Outdoor Fridge Cabinet Information

These are the technical details of the outdoor refrigerator:

Outdoor Fridge
  • It has a temperature range of 2C to 10C perfect for storing food & beverage.
  • Refrigeration technology control panel at the bottom of the unit
  • Dimensions details are attached here (if you need them)
  • The door is double glazed with toughened safety glass! (ideal if the kids are playing football) 
  • External is durable powder-coated steel
  • Internal is mirror finished food-grade stainless steel
  • Has 2 adjustable height shelves
  • It has a lock and key
  • It has fan cooling
  • space for up to 20 bottles of beer
  • beautiful internal light
  • Powder-coated cabinet for protected outdoor use
  • Grillo brand frosted on the glass
  • Bin is fitted with a gas strut which will lower the bin gently with just a touch

Full Outdoor Kitchens

If you are looking to have more than just a fridge cabinet, Grillo provides a full range of outdoor kitchen products & appliances as an alternative to just an outdoor fridge. The outdoor fridge just should just be the beginning of a full layout. Vantage is such a good value you will be surprised at the size of layout you may be able to afford

Layouts Including An Outdoor Fridge

Layout S0590

£9,300 inc VAT

The centerpiece of this outdoor kitchen layout is the sturdy Gas Grill Station equipped with Bull Outlaw BBQ (The only bbq you will ever need), This is accompanied by a Vantage Cabinet with enclosed storage. Also included is a beautiful Outdoor Fridge and Bin Cabinet.

Layout S0580

£6,765 inc VAT

This outdoor kitchen layout includes a sturdy Gas Grill Station equipped with Bull Outlaw BBQ (The only bbq you will ever need). On either side of this you have a Vantage Cabinet with Ebony Storage Crates and on the other side an Outdoor Fridge and Bin Cabinet, Perfect for storing food & beverage.

Layout L0610

£7,835 inc VAT

This outdoor kitchen Layout Features a Vantage Cabinet with storage, with a feature wall along the back.

It also boasts a Corner Planter with integrated bar seating on the return.

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See some fantastic projects from some of our amazing customer's projects


Nestled in the heart of London, this stunning straight run outdoor kitchen with an outdoor fridge and sink is the perfect addition for entertaining. The carbon steel and iroko wood contrast beautifully with the garden landscaping.


A beautiful design within a recently renovated well equipped modern garden packs a huge amount of great features in a small space. This Grillo kitchen embodies the food & flames experience we hold close to our hearts.


A sanctuary in the heart of Horsham, West Sussex. This beautifully presented straight Vantage kitchen has everything you need to get the party started. From the built-in fridge and sink to the shelves to hold the drinks, this striking kitchen looks well-appointed for the next social gathering, even the dog agrees.

Questions & Information

Our current design does not allow us to have 2 outdoor fridge appliances under one cabinet but it may be something we develop in the future.

Any fridge that is for year-round outdoor use must be a fully outdoor rated brand. All of our Grillo brand fridges have been vetted for full outdoor use.

The cabinet has been expertly designed so a sink can indeed sit atop the cabinet, the water will need to be plumbed through by another professional.

We don't connect the fridge ourselves, this needs to be done by a licensed electrician. You can find more information about this on our Services page

We don't currently offer a freezer option alongside our fridge.

The fridge comes with a built-in lock and key, the actual glass front is an extremely strong safety glass that is built to survive knocks and bumps as well as the year-round British temperature.

Orders are usually dispatched for delivery and installation by our engineers on a 2-4 week lead time. Our high-tier white-glove service is something we really pride ourselves on and we are always devoted to providing the highest tier of customer service

The fridge has an adequate refrigeration cooling temperature for both food & beverage, this can all be kept safely inside by lock and key.