The Grillo Studio

Introducing the Grillo Studio at RAF Little Walden. The greatest outdoor kitchen filming ever. By Grillo.



Tristan’s new series Rubbish Cooks has gained a massive following. Combining his super creative chef talents and passion for food waste, Rubbish Cooks is a movement that takes items that would normally be wasted, and makes a delicious meal out of it. Tristan goes in to your bins, and creates something delightful. Check out the videos below, and sign up to keep in touch with this incredible series!

Paella – the ultimate one pot wonder! How better to use those overripe tomatoes and surplus chicken legs, than to create a dish that not only tastes delicious but captures all the theatrics and intrigue of the Grillo Chefs Anvil?

Got leftovers? Pretty much any Rice dish can be made into a Ricecake – in this case, we’re using up leftovers from an incredible Paella. This is part of our Rubbish Cooks series, and cast your ordinary perceptions of leftovers aside…

A fresher tasting alternative to BBQ sauce; a great way to use up left-over vegetables and fruits, and serves perfectly with burgers, fish, vegetables, paella, or any other of your favourite BBQ dishes.

Broccoli stalks – In this incredible recipe, broccoli stalks have never tasted this good. It’s a vegetarian dish with a story, and a (much) more healthy option than nipping into town for a Big Mac.

Burnt lemonade – an incredibly refreshing thirst-quencher with a great story behind it! Next time you’re hosting a BBQ, add this incredible Burnt Lemonade beverage in to the menu. Top tip – add a measure or two of your favourite gin, and you’ve got a Burnt Gin & Lemonade… thank us later.


Follow Grillo on this banger set of series, where we explore outdoor living with garden designers, chefs, bartenders, butchers, bakers and magicmakers. Our passion has always been to bring people together around food and flames: we’ll be taking inspiration from cuisines & good company, exploring counties & culinary careers, and we’ll even be touring in a certain agricultural vehicle. Stay tuned!