The Chef's Anvil

The Chef’s Anvil is the iconic centrepiece for any outdoor socialising area. 

Why Call It The Anvil?

An anvil is the key component of any blacksmith’s work. Almost everything a blacksmith creates will be shaped and formed on its versatile worksurface.

The Chef’s Anvil is inspired by this. It is more than just a very versatile cooking tool; it is a dramatic and intriguing centrepiece, on which food is formed by fire. It is theatrical cooking at its best, as you will discover from the crowd of people it draws whenever you fire it up.

What is it?

It’s a barbeque, but no mere barbeque! A steel cooking ring sits on a broad fire bowl and pedestal. You build a log fire in the middle then stand round it, cooking and socialising. Add the drama and flavour of real fire to your summer cook-ups!

A cover and a range of accessories including scrapers and a churrasco skewer are supplied with it.

Grillo Anvil top view with food cooking

What Can Be Cooked On It?

Just about anything! The Chef’s Anvil can be a hotplate, a frying pan, a hob, a campfire, a gourmet burger kitchen, a marshmallow toaster, a canape platter, a mulled wine warmer, a Brazilian BBQ experience… the list goes on.

Gourmet Burgers




Chicken Paillards



Like the rest of the kitchen, the Chef’s Anvil requires very little maintenance. After each use it should be scraped down and oiled thoroughly, and once it’s cooled down the cover should be put in place. That’s it!

cleaning the Grillo anvil hotplate

An iconic centrepiece.