Ceramic BBQ

Our Ceramic BBQ - The Grillo Gusto

Our answer to a kamado-style ceramic bbq is the new and hugely stunning Grillo Gusto. It is a Solid ceramic construction, with an enameled weatherproof shell that boasts amazing heat and moisture retention. The ultimate charcoal barbecue with a natural cooking bbq grill experience.

The Ceramic BBQ Grill Features

Our Ceramic bbq comes packed with an amazing set of inbuilt features. See the range below:

Enameled weatherproof coating

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Stainless Steel fixtures and fitting

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Internal ceramic firebox system

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Triple vent system for accurate temperature control

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Heavy Duty Thermometer

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  • Triple vent system for accurate temperature control

  • Heavy Duty Thermometer

  • Enameled weatherproof coating

  • Internal ceramic firebox system

  • Stainless Steel fixtures and fitting

  • Temperature gauge

Ceramic BBQ Accessories

This set of brilliant items that compliment your cooking experience comes with every Gusto order.

  • Weatherproof Cover

  • Grate Lifter

  • Ash Scraper

  • Pizza stone and support system

  • Double heat shield dividers for indirect cooking and roasting

  • Enamelled Steel Cooking Grates

  • BBQ Grills

  • Heat deflector plates

Take a look at our outdoor kitchen ranges with a Ceramic BBQ

Layout S0610

£4,290 inc VAT

This layout is a straight run of two Vantage Cabinets with a Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ in the middle. For people that favor this way of cooking this layout really does have everything, you need in one place. The Gusto sits on its block at optimal cooking height. The easy access storage crates on either side make it easy to grab any utensil you may need.

Layout L0640

£11,740 inc VAT

This multifaceted layout includes two ways of cooking both a Gas Grill and Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ, Both open storage with ebony crates and closed storage with Carbon Steel Doors in the Vantage Cabinet. Also included is a Fridge and Bin Cabinet.

Layout S0650

£7,850 inc VAT

The central cooking hub of this design consists of both a Bull BBQ and a Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ. On either side of this is a Vantage Cabinet with enclosed storage in our Carbon Steel Doors and also a Fridge and Bin unit.


Online Configurator

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Check out our brand new configurator that allows you to design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!

The beauty of indirect cooking

The Grillo Gusto comes standard with two heat shield dividers, This means you can cook in many different ways. One of the new up-and-coming and hugely popular new ways is indirect cooking. The beauty of this means large pieces of meat you can slow cook over main hours and make sure it is tenderly cooked all the way through. It really turns the bbq from a grill to a full natural outdoor oven.

Customer Reviews

Was an absolute pleasure working with you guys on this project and I'm happy to report that the kitchen has been in daily use ever since we completed the garden just before lockdown. This is what the customer had to say: "We love it! Couldn't be happier. It's helped to make lockdown almost bearable!" Look forward to collaborating again soon.

Questions about our Gusto BBQ

-Diameter main body: 55cm

-Diameter cooking Grid: 46.7cm

-Cooking area: 1715cm2

-Assembled dimensions: 130 x 73 x 122cm

-Operating height: 91cm

-Weight: 83kg

The base is included in the cost of the Gusto BBQ

Ceramic Kamado-style BBQs such as ours are so versatile, you can cook a huge range of food.






-Sweet potato


With a ceramic kamado, you can smoke, bake, roast, grill. This bbq grill even has an included pizza stone for making fast and easy pizzas. It has built-in vents for great control over a slow cooking solution. As barbecues go this is one of the most versatile as you can cooking in whatever style you enjoy most.

The base is created from a beautiful square of strong Carbon Steel , full powder-coated and ready for rigorous outdoor use. The slab the BBQ sits on is a cut of our incredibly strong porcelain 

  • This is predominantly a charcoal fired BBQ