Ceramic BBQ - The Grillo Gusto

Looking to add a bit of theatre, smoke and real fire to your outdoor cooking experiences? Then you’re in the right place to consider a ceramic BBQ like the Grillo Gusto.

The Gusto Ceramic BBQ is incredibly versatile and has many cooking styles. This ceramic BBQ has a triple vent system for accurate temperature control, so whether you want to smoke, bake, roast or sear, the Gusto Ceramic Grill will infuse any food with incredible flavour.

It is constructed with thick ceramic walls, that gives the BBQ amazing heat retention capabilities. The enamelled weatherproof coating is a unique and stylish grey colour, designed to blend in with the rest of your Vantage Outdoor Kitchen and surroundings.


Gusto Ceramic BBQ Grill Features

Our Ceramic BBQ comes packed with an amazing set of inbuilt features. Explore below:

Ceramic BBQ

BBQ features:

  • Triple vent system for accurate temperature control
  • Heavy Duty Thermometer
  • Enamelled weatherproof coating
  • Internal ceramic firebox system
  • Stainless steel fixtures and fittings
  • Temperature gauge

Accessories included as standard:

  • Weatherproof cover
  • Pizza stone and support system
  • Double heat shield dividers for indirect cooking and roasting
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Grate lifter
  • Ash scraper

Comes with Carbon Steel and Porcelain Base

When you order the Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ, it comes with the Carbon Steel and Porcelain base/pedestal which perfectly matches the rest of the Grillo Vantage outdoor kitchen.

Take a look at Grillo outdoor kitchen layouts which include a Ceramic BBQ:

Layout S0610

£5,910 inc VAT

This layout is a straight run of two Vantage Cabinets with a Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ in the middle. For people who favour this style of cooking, this layout has a good amount of worktop space on either side – ideal for food prep and serving. The easy access storage crates on either side make it easy to grab any utensil you need.

Built in BBQ

Layout L0640

£15,330 inc VAT

A large L-shape outdoor kitchen featuring a built-in ceramic Grillo Gusto BBQ, Vantage Cabinets with storage and a beautiful outdoor fridge cabinet – ideal for keeping drinks cool and on hand.

It also incorporates two herb planters for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience!

ceramic bbq

Layout S0650

£10,310 inc VAT

The central cooking hub of this design consists of both a Bull BBQ and a Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ. On either side of this is a Vantage Cabinet with enclosed storage in our carbon steel doors and also a fridge and bin unit.

ceramic bbq

The beauty of indirect cooking

The Grillo Gusto comes standard with two heat shield dividers. This means you can cook in many different ways. One of the new up-and-coming and hugely popular new ways is indirect cooking. The beauty of this means large pieces of tough meat can be slowly cooked throughout the course of the day and make sure it is tenderly cooked to succulent perfection.

Product Review

“Fabulous bar-marking, and I’ve done nothing to it – just put some charcoal in and lit it! You get these amazing grill-house results. This is outdoor cooking at a whole new level.”
Head Chef: Parker’s Tavern Restaurant, Cambridge, UK

FAQs about the Grillo Gusto Ceramic BBQ

What are the dimensions and weight?

  • Diameter main body: 55cmDiameter cooking Grid: 46.7cm
  • Cooking area: 1715cm2
  • Assembled dimensions: 130 x 73 x 122cm
  • Operating height: 91cm
  • Weight: 83kg

Is the base included in the price of the Gusto?
Yes, the base is included in the cost of the Gusto BBQ. This matches in perfectly with the rest of the Vantage outdoor kitchen.

What food can you cook on a ceramic BBQ?
Ceramic Kamado-style BBQs such as ours are so versatile, you can cook a huge range of food. Consider some of these, or check out our recipes page for more inspiration!

  • Gourmet burgers
  • Wood-fired stone-baked pizzas
  • Memphis Ribs
  • slow 10-hour smoked brisket
  • Beer Can Chicken
  • All types of steaks
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Grilled fruit (think cocktails!)

What cooking methods can you can use with this BBQ grill?
With a ceramic kamado, you can smoke, bake, roast, grill. This bbq grill even comes with a pizza stone for making fast and easy pizzas. It has built-in vents for great temperature control.

What fuel do you use for a Ceramic BBQ?
The best fuel to use on a ceramic BBQ is lump wood charcoal. Ensure your charcoal is of good quality for great tasting results!


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