The Grillo promise

At Grillo, we are very aware that for most of our clients, this is the first outdoor kitchen you’ve ever bought, and sometimes in life you just need that extra bit of confidence before pressing the button. Check out what Dougal, our Co-Founder has to say!

One of our biggest priorities is to thoroughly educate our customers, and ensure they have no unanswered questions about their outdoor kitchen purchase. We do that with lots of helpful articles on our blog, that answers questions like: What BBQs should I include in my outdoor kitchen?, Does my outdoor kitchen need a cover? and How do I care for my outdoor kitchen?.

If you still have questions that need answering though, never be shy to reach out for a simple chat with us. You can either do that via our contact page online, or you can now book a free Virtual Design Appointment with one of our kitchen designers, who will talk you through the whole process.

We look forward to hearing from you, and ultimately joining the Grillo Club!

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