The Evolution Of Outdoor Cooking

There has been a phenomenal progression in outdoor cooking over the last 20 years. However, before we talk about the evolution of outdoor cooking and its incredible journey, let’s take a look at how the typical indoor kitchen has evolved.

A Lesson From Indoor Kitchens

The Evolution of the Outdoor KitchenA typical 1970’s indoor kitchen

When we look at how house design has changed over the years, it is the kitchen that has seen the most dramatic change. Picture a 1970’s kitchen: A hard-working mum, her hands in the sink, a functional place for cooking and washing – a working kitchen, certainly not a place where guests are welcome!

Modern Kitchens - The Evolution of Outdoor KitchensA modern kitchen and living space

Now, when we think of a modern kitchen, we picture a large open plan area, light and airy – the main living space in the home.

A modern kitchen is so much more than a place to just cook food and do the washing up… yes food is still prepared and cooked there, but the emphasis is all about having a place where friends and family congregate to socialise and nibble.

Outdoors Is In

The Evolution of Outdoor Cooking - Weber standing BBQStand-alone BBQ looking lonely

So now let’s look at the outdoor space. Eat-in is the new eat-out. And when it comes to home-socialising, outdoors is the in-thing.

Wind back 20 years. If people had a BBQ, it was typically tucked around the corner of the house, and the lonely host was usually stationed there – away from the party. Next to the BBQ, you would find a rickety garden table where there’s a jumble of raw food, cooked food, BBQ tongs, and a few paper plates.

It's Time To Invite The BBQ To The Party

Evolution of Outdoor Cooking Grillo KitchenOutdoor Kitchen and social space. Click here for full project

Cooking outdoors is becoming a central part of people’s socialising experience.

It’s all about bringing friends and family together, everyone getting involved, having fun and making memories.

In this evolution of outdoor cooking, it is time to rise above the humble, wheel-along stand-alone BBQ, and picture instead a full outdoor kitchen, with food prep space, built-in BBQs, cupboard space, a sink, outdoor fridge and bar.

Press Loft reported last month that outdoor living and outdoor kitchens are in the top 10 UK trends for 2022. Not surprising – the more that people get a taste of it, the more they want it!

Going With The Flow

Where should an outdoor kitchen be? Modern housing design is all about open-plan spaces flowing from one to another. So when you walk out the back of the home, you should be in your outdoor kitchen.

Swing open the bi-folds, embrace that feeling of fresh air and space and create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Limebok Outdoor KitchenOutdoor Kitchen and social space. Click here for full project

A Giant Leap For Man Kind

30 years ago, who would have thought that the evolution of outdoor cooking would be so extreme? That Dad’s would have ever wanted their own kitchen – but outside? Would the idea of having their own kitchen sink have scared them off?

Would people have become so refined that they wanted a fridge outdoors, rather than just a crate of beers?

Would the misconception that a BBQ was just for sausages and burgers ever be overcome?

Would a place for outdoor cooking and socialising ever replace the vegetable patch?

So here we are in 2022… Our team has worked tirelessly to make all this a possibility. Our vision was always to create outdoor spaces for people to gather, cook, socialise, and enjoy a drink while the meal is prepared and barbecued. A place that brings people together and where memories are made.

A giant leap on from the humble BBQ-on-wheels of the 1990’s…

The Evolution Of Outdoor Cooking The BarOutdoor Kitchen and social space

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