Small Outdoor Kitchen ideas

Bigger isn’t always better. It’s a simple truth that would seem to elude some – smartphone manufacturers spring to mind. But how do quaint outdoor kitchens measure up on the quantity vs quality quandary? Maybe you’ve only got a tiny space on your roof terrace to fit your outdoor kitchen in. Maybe you’re a reluctant conscript in the cost-of-living crisis and have a tight budget constraint. Or perhaps you simply prefer a smaller, lower maintenance layout. We have a kitchen for that. Read on.

Great for the Gusto

Small outdoor kitchens seem to lend themselves uniquely to kamado style barbeques such as the Gusto. Maybe it’s the paucity of tasteful side-table pairings from the main ovoidal-barbeque manufacturers, or maybe it’s something to do with the sculpted shape of our particular ovoid? Either way, this layout is a stunner. An immensely versatile kamado barbeque, practical yet beautiful cabinetry; this kitchen has all you need, and it could be yours.

Small outdoor kitchen ideas

Perfect with Pizza

We love the classy, quality, minimalist look of this pizza oven/cabinet combo. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of modern and timeless. Bigger, in this case, is most certainly not better. This tiny layout could be tucked out of the way in the smallest corner, and will add class and elegance to your space, no matter how small.

Small outdoor kitchen ideas

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

The KISS principle was coined by the U.S. Navy in the 60’s, expressing the idea that a design works best if it’s kept simple. Research reveals the principle can also apply to small outdoor kitchens. Using open-fronted cabinets and eschewing feature walls not only helps if you have a budget constraint; it offers a subtler, more rugged aesthetic, particularly complementing a simple run of kitchen featuring the Gusto or Delivita pizza oven.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The Man Cave (or Person Cave?)

To call it a man cave, or not to call it a man cave? That is the (PC) question. But while the jury’s out on that, let’s dust off the cobwebs and explore the lean-to. The most unexpected of spaces can be turned into your personal garden pub/barbeque hang-out. Repurposing an existing structure will greatly reduce the overall cost of the project, and can offer bags of character. Invite your friends for a jar or two, and chuck some jerk wings on the grill.

Behind Bars

If you enjoy spending time behind bars, why not put one in your garden? Garden bars boomed during the pandemic, and like WFH, we think it should hang around. So get a couple of standing bar units and put the pub on your patio. Cheers!

Small outdoor kitchen ideas

Don’t Forget the Worktop

When designing a small outdoor kitchen, be sure to include some worktop space. When the party’s in full swing and you’re juggling grilling, serving and socialising, having plenty of worktop space is like having another set of hands. Our worksurfaces are made from highly durable porcelain. In addition to being immensely strong, they are stainproof, weatherproof, scratchproof, and non-bleaching.

Small outdoor kitchen ideas

Don’t Want Back-To-Basics?

Small doesn’t have to mean simple. If bling is your thing, go all out. Cabinet doors offer a sleek and contemporary look, and a shelf feature wall has that wow-factor. A rock-sturdy Bull gas grill gives a plug-and-play experience, and if you have mains gas, plumbed-in is the ultimate convenience. A small outdoor kitchen with the clout to host a cocktail party at a Kensington penthouse.

What Does a Small Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

It’s simple to work out how much your small outdoor kitchen will cost. Just use our 3D configurator –it’s very straightforward to use and the cost updates live on the side. A small outdoor kitchen layout can start from as little as this. Head to the configurator and have a play!

How Do I Get Started with a Small Outdoor Kitchen?

Looking for inspiration? Browse our existing layouts to give yourself an idea of what’s possible. Or browse individual kitchen modules on the shop page, or just head straight to the 3D Configurator and build from there. Once you’ve designed a layout, click the 3D button to view a photorealistic 3D model, and then use your mobile to view it in AR. You might as well do something with your phone, seeing as it won’t fit in your pocket anymore.

Ready to start building?

Head to our online shop to browse the pre-designed Vantage layouts, or to build your own!

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