Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular, with many of us discovering the benefits of cooking and socialising in the comfort of our own gardens. Outdoor kitchens have certainly become the centrepiece for this activity.

However, many people believe that you need a large garden in order to have an outdoor kitchen. Fortunately, this simply isn’t the case. In fact, placing an outdoor kitchen in a smaller space enables you to completely transform it and create a main focal point.

So, we have pulled together a collection of small outdoor kitchen ideas, to show you exactly what can be achieved.

This stunning outdoor kitchen includes both the DeliVita Pizza Oven and the ceramic charcoal Gusto BBQ, for the ultimate cooking experience.

This can be organised in a straight run or pivoted into an L-shape at the edge of your garden or patio, which really helps to open up the space. This way everyone can socialise together, whilst enjoying pizzas packed with authentic flavour, and food straight from the BBQ.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This small outdoor kitchen layout is designed for those that are a little tight on space. However, small can also mean mighty. Both the Gusto BBQ and DeliVita Pizza Oven can be found packed into this layout, with a perfect amount of worktop in between, for that all-important food preparation.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This beautiful straight-run outdoor kitchen has proven to be a firm favourite. The Gusto BBQ placed between two vantage cabinets allows for a fantastic outdoor cooking station.

It can be positioned anywhere in the garden and allows friends and family to be involved in the cooking and the social outdoor experience. The storage availability combined with the Ebony Storage Crates keeps the work surfaces clear of clutter. All that’s left to do, is fire up the Gusto BBQ and get grilling.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Calling all pizza lovers!

This particular design provides the perfect solution for showcasing the DeliVita Pizza Oven, whilst utilising the available space. There is plenty of storage and a beautiful porcelain worktop, especially suited to rolling and preparing pizza dough. So, send out the invites, because this small outdoor kitchen design is perfect for hosting pizza and prosecco parties.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This stunning kitchen creates a beautiful garden feature and in this case, completes this rustic ‘Dad’s bar’ man cave!

If charcoal grilling is your focus, then this is the layout for you.  The Gusto Grill commands attention, while a matching worktop provides the space needed for food prep, serving, and creates a seamless cooking experience.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This is a perfect example of the type of smaller layouts available from Grillo.  The Gas BBQ, combined with work surface space and storage lets you keep everything in order whilst you create a feast. This layout is just 2.4m in length, which is perfect if you are looking for a small outdoor kitchen, but with a big impact.

If you love outdoor cooking, but are a little restricted on space then this is the ideal solution!

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

How much does a small outdoor kitchen cost?

The cost of a small outdoor kitchen varies. However, prices can start from around £2115, and include layouts with a fridge or charcoal BBQ. Depending on your budget, you can choose which features to include in your outdoor kitchen. Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it can’t be mighty. The reason for choosing a small outdoor kitchen is often related to the outdoor space available. Therefore, you can ensure that your kitchen includes all the necessary aspects, such as BBQs, fridges, sinks and plenty of storage.

If you love cooking, spending time outdoors, and are looking for the perfect outdoor kitchen to allow you to do so, then we can certainly help. You can browse our existing layouts, or if you are looking for something different, have a look at our modules and configure your own ideal design. This way, you decide the features and control the cost.

How do you build a perfect small outdoor kitchen?

The key points when looking to build a small outdoor kitchen, is to ensure you have a flat surface to install it upon. There is nothing worse than beginning the work, to find out that the patio isn’t flat or the space dedicated for the kitchen, isn’t going to work well. This will cause the kitchen to be unlevel. Not only will this not reflect the look you want, but it can also damage the kitchen.

We would always recommend having any other amendments to your garden carried out first. All of our outdoor kitchen designs are freestanding, meaning that foundations aren’t required and the build time is typically only 1 day. Therefore, an outdoor kitchen should be the final finishing touch to your outdoor space.

Another important factor when building a small outdoor kitchen is ensuring you use strong hardwearing materials. All of our outdoor kitchens are crafted from beautifully finished heavy gauge carbon steel. We also inlay Iroko hardwood timber, which creates a sleek and stylish look, whilst being perfectly capable of withstanding the best and worst of the British weather! Weather-resistant materials such as these may be slightly more expensive, however, they do ensure that your kitchen will stay looking in very good condition for years to come.

Our specialist team will attend and build any of our outdoor kitchens for you. All you have to do, is configure your ideal design on our website, and we will do the rest. If you would like to add any additional services, such as electricity for an outdoor fridge, or connecting your gas to the mains, then we would recommend you contact a local professional to carry this out. You can find some helpful video guides on services here.

If you are looking for an outdoor kitchen then check out our beautiful predesigned layouts, or configure your own ideal layout here!

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