Tockwith, York

Outdoor kitchen in Tockwith, York

This outdoor kitchen in Tockwith, York takes centre stage on this patio, transforming the space into the ultimate entertaining hub. The design unfolds in two sleek layouts, strategically blending functionality and style.

On one side, against the brick wall of the house, a Bull Gas Grill and Delivita Pizza Oven stand ready to enhance cooking experiences. The Bull Gas Grill ensures convenient cooking, while the Delivita Pizza Oven promises a crispy crust in just 90 seconds. Accompanying the culinary appliances is a Vantage Cabinet, offering ample storage and worktop space for seamless food preparation. the addition of a Fridge and bin unit ensures easy waste disposal and keeps drinks flowing throughout the evening.

The second layout complements the cooking area with two Vantage Bar Table and Stools units, creating a seating spot for guests to enjoy their drinks while observing the chef in action. The straight run is completed with an Ice Well, to keep beverages refreshingly chilled, and a matching planter to add a touch of greenery to the space.

The kitchen effortlessly integrates into its surroundings, with black accents, throughout the courtyard, enhanced by the black carbon cabinetry. The Iroko hardwood inlaid throughout the Vantage layout harmonises with the wood cladding on the extension building, contributing to the modern but warm aesthetic. The contemporary vibe is further emphasised by the floor-to-ceiling glass window of the extension building, providing a visual juxtaposition to the aged brick of the house, the courtyard wall and the traditional wood windows.


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