Stone, Staffordshire

Outdoor kitchen in Stone, Staffordshire

This captivating outdoor kitchen project in Staffordshire is set to become the jewel of this client’s garden.

Surrounding the kitchen, the ground is adorned with exquisite cream, polished stone slabs serving as patio tiles, infusing an air of sophistication into the entire garden’s aesthetic. A charming rustic grey stone wall, complemented by a smooth ledge, embraces the kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen project in Stone, Staffordshire

Carefully chosen diverse plants and bushes lend a touch of framing and freshness to the garden, artfully breaking the cream colour palette of the house and patio. A substantial hedge adds privacy and verdant charm to the surroundings.

Outdoor kitchen project in Stone, Staffordshire

Within the Grillo outdoor kitchen layout, a dedicated fridge and bin unit keeps the area organised. At the heart of the kitchen, a robust Gas Grill Station takes centre stage, flanked by the Vantage Cabinets. Iroko hardwood highlights run through the Feature Walls of the units adjacent to the Gas BBQ, creating a captivating mirror effect. On the other side of the L-shaped layout, an Ice Well serves as the corner unit, accompanied by two bar stool units—creating an inviting setup for guests to enjoy drinks while savouring the grilling spectacle.

Outdoor kitchen project in Stone, Staffordshire

Our outdoor kitchen project in Staffordshire stands as a testament to the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics that Grillo Outdoor Kitchens and Bars offer. This carefully curated outdoor haven not only enhances the overall charm of the garden, but also provides a practical and stylish space for culinary exploration. The thoughtful placement of features, such as the Gas Grill Station and Ice Well, ensures a harmonious blend of convenience and visual appeal.


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