Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

Outdoor kitchen in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

This outdoor kitchen in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire has become the focal point of this courtyard designed by Bel Grierson Garden Designer and Plantswoman. When the owner, of this cottage-style property, contacted Bel, the garden was a simple rectangle of lawn that featured a handful of overgrown trees and a small paved area. The client had a vision and wanted to transform this space into an alfresco entertaining area to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Bel Grierson designed a space that blends both natural and contemporary materials. The outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to this courtyard as the signature design marries the warmth of Iroko hardwood with the contemporary black of the vantage units which effortlessly harmonises with other features of the space.

Lovely L-shape outdoor kitchen in Leicestershire project, with seating area.

Lovely L-shape outdoor kitchen in Leicestershire project.

A water feature in this garden project beautifully compliments the patio and outdoor kitchen.

On the opposite end, the kitchen layout acts as an inviting bar area. Anchored by another Vantage cabinet, the design offers additional storage and worktop space. The inclusion of the fridge and bin unit keeps beverages within reach, ensuring glasses are never empty, while also allowing the space to be kept tidy at all times. Completing the set-up is our standing bar that runs along the back of the units, accompanied by stylish bar stools. This creates an inviting space for relaxation and socialisation, setting the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertainment.

Leicestershire garden project with a water feature and outdoor kitchen.

Leicestershire garden project with sensible tuck-away patio furniture.

Outdoor Kitchen Grillo project with convenient hideaway patio furniture for guests.


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