Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

Outdoor kitchen in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

North East England is greatly underrated. When you talk about North Yorkshire people in equatorial England picture the bleak North York Moors (“never been there”), the Prime Minister’s constituency (likewise) and disused coal mines, steel works and other skeletons of the industrial revolution. But they’re wrong. The coastline crops up in calendar photos; from wild rocky cliffs to endless sand, from impossibly quaint fishing villages to historic tidal causeways. All of which brings us, in a roundabout way, to this rather lovely outdoor kitchen area in Middlesborough, North Yorkshire. We like everything – the timeless style, the neat kitchen, the old-but-new sash windows, the beautiful brickwork, the wide-open skies, and the broad expanse of bi-folds from which to take it all in.


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