Essential Living, Archway: roof terrace outdoor kitchen project

Essential Living already had barbeque terraces at the top of their tower block BTR scheme. The view from the top over London was amazing, but the standard patio barbeque tucked in the corner was underwhelming. They enlisted us to design an outdoor kitchen worthy of the space it occupied.

The kitchen comprises a large U shape with a premium Bull natural gas grill. A stone sink, shelving, and an outdoor fridge all make for a functional yet beautiful outdoor space. Integrated bar seating with seven iroko barstools on one side ensures the outdoor kitchen will be a social centrepiece for residents and guests.


Freestanding design - ideal for roof terraces

Grillo outdoor kitchens are the perfect solution for roof terraces, where foundations are not an option. All that is needed for install is a flat level surface. Our kitchens can be installed on porcelain, composite decking, and terrace pedestal systems.

A Grillo outdoor kitchen is so much more than just a desirable thing to have – it totally transforms and recharacterises any space it occupies. An outdoor space can become a hugely desirable extension of the indoor socialising and dining area.

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