Outdoor kitchen in Dorset

This outdoor kitchen is a very tidy layout with a Bull gas grill, fridge and sink, all set against an equally neat dry stone wall, presumably constructed from local Portland Stone. Proper job 👍.  Think you’ve seen it before? You’d be right… and wrong. We put a kitchen here in 2021 and then the owners moved house, taking the kitchen with them (we advise against this). So the new owners promptly replaced it… Pro tip: Leave your kitchen behind and up your price – they’ll enjoy the old kitchen; you won’t have the hassle of moving it, and can get a shiny new one!

Dorset Outdoor Kitchen Project

Dorset Outdoor Kitchen Project

Dorset Outdoor Kitchen Project with Bull BBQ

Dorset Outdoor Kitchen Project


Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
Watford, Hertfordshire
Tiddington, Stratford-Upon-Avon

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