Blackfriars, Central London

Outdoor kitchen in Blackfriars, Central London

This breathtaking rooftop bar terrace is home to elevated corporate entertainment. This exquisite space boasts a captivating bar, a BBQ area, and an array of lush potted plants that envelop the surroundings. Set against the backdrop of the iconic London skyline, this terrace serves as the perfect canvas for unforgettable company parties, corporate events, and a retreat for employees seeking relaxation.

As you step onto the rooftop, your gaze is drawn to three elegant standing bar units, each adorned with a sleek bar ledge—a perfect resting spot for your drink of choice. On the reverse side of these units, live three fridge and bin units, ensuring drinks remain refreshingly cool and the area stays impeccably tidy. Not to mention the showstopping Ice Well unit to the right of the bar – a real centrepiece for presenting champagne bottles. This well-designed space is an ideal hub for skilled bar staff to orchestrate a seamless experience, allowing ample rooftop expanse for employees and guests to socialise, indulge in delectable cuisine, and savour crafted beverages.

The periphery of the kitchen area is adorned with sophisticated slate grey decking and sleek black safety fencing, creating a contemporary aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the colours of the Grillo kitchen. The panoramic view of the London skyline serves as a mesmerising backdrop, enhancing the overall ambience.

Behind the central bar, an additional row of units awaits, featuring a vantage cabinet with doors and a Tarn sink option—an indispensable space for storage and maintaining cleanliness. Adjacent to this, two Voltiq BBQ units take centre stage, showcasing Grillo’s innovative electric BBQ station. These specially-designed BBQ units adhere to stringent fire safety regulations, ensuring a safe experience on rooftops and in build-up areas.

Culminating the layout is a single open-front cabinet, poised and ready for storage—a finishing touch to this harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Whether hosting a vibrant corporate gathering or seeking a tranquil escape for your team, this rooftop oasis promises a great experience, perfectly complemented by the iconic panorama of the London skyline.


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