Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Outdoor kitchen in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

When it comes to garden projects, we are keen to see the final results, so that we can share, with our existing and prospective customers, some garden inspiration and outdoor kitchen ideas.

We were really pleased when Martin Baker, managing director of Baker’s Garden Buildings got in touch to share some images of a recently completed project that included a Grillo Outdoor Kitchen. With such an incredible final result, and some stunning pictures to match, it only seemed right that we jumped at the opportunity to find out more about it.

We were lucky enough to be able to chat with both Martin and the happy client who were able to tell us a bit more about the vision behind the project, the process and the results.

Speaking to the client, Mr Layte:

What was your vision for this project? 

We wanted a relaxing leisure space that doubled up as a working area (classroom) for our work. We wanted to feel on holiday just by being in the space.

What made you go with Bakers Garden Buildings?

Initially, we were looking for a building to house the endless pool that led us to Bakers. Following seeing their demonstration units we were convinced that they were the best and most novel garden buildings around. The canopy provided a brilliant solution for our undercover outdoor kitchen.

What do you love about Grillo? 

Initially, Grillo appeared on my Youtube channel playlist and after having a look on the website I was convinced it was the only solution worth looking at. I wanted something that could conceivably last 20 years or more and I appreciate high-quality materials. To have all the elements of an outdoor kitchen in one seamless design that could be customised and with a fit and finish that looked bomb proof it’s a fantastic solution for our outdoor kitchen.

Speaking to Martin of Bakers Garden Buildings:

Tell us a bit about Bakers Garden Buildings:

Baker’s garden buildings were founded in 1985 by my father Keith Baker.  I was 11 when the business started and I always knew I was going into it.  I trained as a carpenter at the renowned “Longleys” joinery works in West Sussex, I then joined the business in 1993, becoming managing director around 15 years ago. Trading for so long, we have seen many trends, products and materials come onto the market and we’re really proud to have evolved over almost 40 years.  Our current focus is to offer zero maintenance buildings using house specification materials, this allows us to give a full 10-year guarantee with a 50-year life expectancy allowing clients to really invest in how they’re going to use our buildings.

What brief did you get for this stunning project?

As the garden designer “Karl Harrison” was already involved, in this instance we actually had a very clear picture of the principle designs and ideas. When the client came to our show centre this enabled them to visualise the details of the buildings and make decisions on the specification that they would like. It was at that point the client shared he was going to have the Grillo Vantage Kitchen and I started thinking about the design integration.

This project & design feels very seamless with matching materials such as Iroko hardwood throughout. Great job!

When the client told me he was having the Grillo Vantage Kitchen and I knew the black and Iroko look, I initially suggested the black Quartz and Iroko to the rear of the canopy, the client loved that idea. Once on site with the designer, the planter was something I pushed to incorporate with the black tile and Iroko as opposed to just keeping it in the Millboard decking. I think the balance is perfect.

As there were four fundamental companies working on this project, MillBoard, Grillo, Endless pools and Bakers, there is a danger that it could look Like 4 different designs. So, it’s super important to incorporate materials throughout. When you visit this project, you could imagine one company has done everything from the colours of the endless pool, through to the Grillo Kitchen and decking with planters, and touches of timber throughout the project. It really does look like an integrated and considered project. Of course, there’s a balance to be had but I think it’s been struck perfectly on this project.

Were there any issues when executing this project?

There were no particular issues with this project at all, the important thing is that we got the levels correct on the setting out between the two buildings, as all of the decking installed by Karl Harrison’s team was based on this. I understand we were within 1mm. It was really enjoyable working with the client, so when we had decisions to make during the process, we reached out with ideas and worked together on the best solution. With a project of this size.

What would your most impressive garden building look like? 

With our current design points and look, I don’t think this project is far off perfect, the upgrade to bifold or tri-sliding doors in the rooms would be a nice addition, a large roof light in the canopy would also make the Grillo Kitchen pop. 

That said we are now working with garden designers where they tell us what they want the buildings to look like, so the future is exciting for Bakers with the new “designer range.” I have no idea what these buildings will look like,  but new trends and materials are on our radar.


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