And the Winner of Our Photography Competition 2021 is…

The judges loved the composition of this picture with the blue sky, but it was meerkat lookalike, Willow (the dog), who stole the show. 

The beautifully dressed kitchen is a simple but well equipped outdoor kitchen, ready to entertain.

We asked the winner to tell us a bit more about how her stepson captured this picture.

” Willow is our 5 months old cocker spaniel puppy and is VERY inquisitive. She loves to be involved in everything we do! She has a mischievous and lovable nature and surprises us every day with her intelligence and cheekiness.

After the initial sniff, woof and growl at our newly installed Grillo outdoor kitchen, she was intent on photobombing our pictures. Having recently mastered her meerkat impression, regularly perching on hind legs to see what exciting things are temptingly within reach, we placed a tasty treat next to the BBQ and sure enough, Willow performed just as my stepson took the shot.”

Thank You for Sharing Your Kitchen

Thank you to everyone who has shared their pictures for the Photography Competition 2021.  Here is a brief overview of some of the pictures we received.

Please continue to share your pictures on social media #mygrillokitchen