Outdoor Living Trends for 2024

This is Grillo’s take on outdoor living trends expected in 2024. We are not garden designers, we are not landscapers, but we do see a lot of gardens and speak to a LOT of homeowners.

So here are our thoughts. From an outdoor kitchens and bars company, to outdoor living lovers everywhere. Our top 10 from garden and home publications and our predictions on trends of the year. The outdoor living industry is forecast to grow in 2024, so let’s make it a good one!


Anticipate a surge in garden bar popularity as we navigate into 2024. Socialising under the open sky is poised to become a key trend, with garden bars at the forefront, offering a seamless blend of sophistication, get ready to wow guests with cocktails and over-the-bar serving charm.

outdoor living trends 2024


In 2024, expect a culinary revolution in outdoor spaces. Elegant outdoor kitchens are set to redefine the art of gastronomy, melding cutting-edge design with the allure of outdoor cooking with family and friends. This trend promises to transform backyards into personalised culinary sanctuaries and bring people together around food and flames.

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Witness a fusion of fire and water as 2024 brings forth a trend that marries aesthetics with elemental beauty. Fire features in pools are poised to steal the spotlight, creating a captivating dance of warmth and fluidity in outdoor aquatic spaces.

outdoor living trends 2024


The pursuit of serenity is set to influence outdoor design trends in 2024. Imagine bespoke relaxation areas that seamlessly blend opulence and natural tranquility, offering a haven for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


A green revolution is underway in outdoor design, with edible gardens taking center stage in 2024. More than just a trend, this movement combines earthy aesthetics with functionality, allowing homeowners to cultivate their food with feel-good gardening amid the natural beauty of their surroundings. Garden designer, Lottie Delamain, claims an inextricable link between gardening and happiness.

Allotments or garden, plant to plate. Reap what you sow and grow your own!

outdoor living trends 2024


As we step into 2024, expect a shift towards mood lighting mastery. Outdoor spaces will be transformed into enchanting realms after dark, with a focus on nuanced lighting to create memorable and mesmerising evening atmospheres.

outdoor living trends 2024


Streamlined luxury is predicted to dominate the market in 2024. Low-maintenance products will steal the spotlight, allowing homeowners to revel in the beauty of their outdoor havens without the burden of extensive upkeep, redefining elegance through simplicity.

Let the Royal Horticultural Society tell you how:

outdoor living trends 2024 - LOW MANTENANCE


A botanical resurgence is imminent in 2024, where planting takes on an artful significance. The trend lies in the thoughtful curation of flora, creating lush landscapes that serve as living masterpieces, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Photo from The Garden Designer.

outdoor living trends 2024


In the upcoming year, tactile luxury will be a key player in outdoor design. Organic materials and textures are poised to dominate, telling a story of authenticity and refinement as they envelop outdoor spaces in a symphony of minimalistic opulence.

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This year, garden rooms are poised to be more than just extensions; they are personalised sanctuaries tailored to individual tastes. Picture lush retreats adorned with vibrant colours, where relaxation meets sophistication, and functionality intertwines seamlessly with nature. From chic outdoor bars to cosy workspaces, the trends forecast a blend of organic materials, sustainable designs, and versatile layouts.

outdoor living trends 2024


It’s always great to share ideas, but here’s the magic – in this vibrant canvas of outdoor living trends, you are the artist, and your garden is your masterpiece. Only go fourth with the trends that speak to your outdoors, whether it’s the elegance of an outdoor kitchen, or the sustainable chic an edible garden. Your garden is a reflection of you, and the choices are as boundless as your imagination.

Your garden, your rules – let the trends be your inspiration, but the decision is undeniably, unmistakably, and beautifully yours. Happy gardening!

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